4 Minutes 33

4 Minutes 33
Francesca Altenburg and Gemma Jameson

4 Minutes 33 is an innovative women’s wear label that uses design as a means of communicating poetic expression. By enabling the wearer to develop personal style and individuality, 4 Minutes 33 clothes transcend age, body shape and culture.

Gemma Jameson and Francesca Altenburg are the two designers behind this contemporary, upmarket women’s label. The designers met while studying fashion design at The Canberra Institute of Technology. They both graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) in 2008.

This is the second year 4 Minutes 33 will launch a collection at Fashfest. Soon after the inaugural event finished, 4 Minutes 33 joined with another local label to open their first retail space. Assemblage Project in Braddon, ACT.

The name 4 Minutes 33 comes from a John Cage composition—4’33” of silence. The piece creates a moment of pause, observation and contemplation, making one feel connected to the present. The designs of 4 Minutes 33 create a connection between garment and wearer, making the wearer feel present in the moment—a reoccurring design inspiration.

Gemma and Francesca got their start after winning Debut Designers at Sydney Fashion Exposed in 2009. Since then, the designers and Francesca have exhibited at eight fashion trade shows and have had their clothing stocked in up to 12 boutiques each season, including in Australia and overseas. A stockist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, began stocking the label in winter 2012 and took it to the New York trade show, Atelier, in February 2013.

The design language of 4 Minutes 33 is an evolution of ideas inspired by the work of author Haruki Murakami, filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and photographer Yamamoto Masao. Gemma and Francesca are drawn to the work of these artists because of their ability to transform complex themes into simple, beautiful, creative and appealing stories. This inspires them to create snapshots of moods, moments and ideas based on the work of these artists.

Communicating this idea is the foundation of the 4 Minutes 33 aesthetic.



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