Assemblage Project

Assemblage Project
Karen Lee

Assemblage Project is owned by Karen Lee, the fashion designer behind the label Karen Lee. At FASHFEST 2015, Karen is launching an inspirational and memorable collection featuring simple, sophisticated lines and contemporary shapes. This is the third year Karen has launched a collection at FASHFEST.

Assemblage Project is for women looking for quality and fashion that is refreshingly different—interesting garments that transcend age, body shape and culture. Assemblage Project’s garments are about movement, changing forms and changing shapes. It is entirely up to wearers to create their own style with pieces. At Assemblage Project, the wearer learns about the thinking behind the designs as well as the fabrics and processes. At its new home in trendy Braddon, Assemblage Project provides a unique experience where consumers interact with designers in the collaborative studio/retail space. This gives consumers the chance to talk about, and be advised on, style and fit.

All of Karen’s garments are designed and cut in Canberra. Manufacturing takes place in the capital, as well as in Melbourne and Albury. Assemblage Project also stocks a range of other stunning local, national and international labels, most of which are not available elsewhere in the capital.

Karen graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) at the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2008 and has been working in fashion design ever since.



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