Audrey Blue

Audrey Blue
Hannah Parris

Audrey Blue represents designer Hannah Parris’s belief that for a truly sustainable life we need to carry the core principles of environmental responsibility and social justice into every aspect of what we do, and that includes selecting our wardrobe.

This is Audrey Blue’s inaugural appearance at Fashfest.

Audrey Blue label aspires to provide choice in a market that has stereotyped ‘ethical fashion’ and not provided true choice. These clothing lines are often too casual for work or a night out, too ‘hippy’, or too oriented to ‘green’ activities like yoga.

In response, Audrey Blue breaks barriers and designs clothes that reflect the needs of consumers interested in eco-living—consumers who want great fashion, including with everyday styles. Hannah focuses on trans-seasonal and multi-seasonal pieces that suit different body types.

Hannah creates clothing using sustainable design, ecologically sustainable fabrics and production processes, and sustainable business practices. The ultimate aim, through production, is to provide sustainable livelihoods for the people who make garments for this unique label.

Audrey Blue uses organic and fairtrade cotton certified under international standards and relies on ethical supply chains. The label is the first women’s fashion label to be certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The garments suit professional women in the 30+ age bracket. These ‘green leaders’ are materialistically oriented while aspiring to be sustainable in their beliefs and purchases. They love to shop and try new things but want value-for-money without compromising on personal values. As a result, Audrey Blue fashion is sold at reasonable prices, not ‘designer prices’.

The Audrey Blue label is sold online through the company’s website and stocked by Birdsnest in Cooma (



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