Boho Bird

boho bird is an interpretation of the global fashion trend of bohemian-inspired clothing—a collection of ethereal and whimsical pieces that are as beautiful as they are practical. Freedom and fashion meet through boho bird’s innovative design. This is the label’s debut appearance at FASHFEST.

Fashion designers Peige Eber, Hannah Knight and Emilie White are the inspiration behind the label. Their aim is to inspire confidence in women, so they feel confident when they step out the door.

The appeal of boho bird is broad, as the garments are easy-to-wear and style. They are designed for the Australian lifestyle—relaxed and romantic; practical and beautiful.

Located in the small New South Wales country town of Cooma, the pieces in boho bird’s collections can be dressed up or down and are easily mixed and matched. They are sold across Australia and internationally. boho bird’s design team works from the label’s studio in Cooma, with production taking place in India and China.



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