Holly Squair

Character fills a gap in the mature women’s fashion market. Designer Holly Squair, who grew up and studied in Canberra, began the label in 2013.

Character designs clothes for women 60 to 85 years of age who are not content with the boring and out-of-touch fashion typically available for this demographic. These are women who are themselves ‘characters’—fashion-conscious style icons who have a high-disposable income. These women view quality over price when buying, have a wide range of body shapes and sizes and lead busy lives.

This is Character’s debut appearance at FASHFEST and will include the designer’s first commercial garments. Holly graduated from the Canberra Institute of Technology (Fashion) in 2013.

Holly’s innovative, colourful garments are created with as minimal impact on the environment as possible. Her design methods are influenced by sustainable processes and Holly has been inspired by the zero-waste pattern making technique. Character also uses sustainable digital printed fabrics uniquely illustrated by Holly.

All collections are produced in small quantities with attention to details. Character garments are designed to have ageless style and remain in a woman’s wardrobe for many years, even decades. Holly hopes that her customers will create a bond with their Character garments, a bond that will ultimately transform into sentimental value.

Character garments are designed, produced and manufactured in Sydney.



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