Fleur and Felix

Fleur and Felix create eclectic trending apparel and jewellery products using conceptual designs and compositions. From their Sydney studio, independent designers Rebecca Pino (Bec) and Jean-Baptiste Aubrun (JB)—life and business partners—experiment with processes, proportions, textures and fabrics, developing unique results and creating unexpected aesthetics. At FASHFEST, they’ll launch ‘Ukiyo’, a collection of handmade garments exploring uncomplicated shapes and highlighting fabric and silhouette. Inspired by travel, ‘Ukiyo’ roughly translates into ‘living in the moment’. The unisex collection strives for uncomplicated, captivating textile movements.  Fleur and Felix employ material processes from screen printing to fabric dying. The label, which started in early 2014, sells exclusively online. This is Fleur and Felix’s debut appearance at FASHFEST.