Established in 2013, Gehrich is the eponymous luxury label of Samantha Gehrich. Built on a philosophy of quality over quantity, ethical trade and sustainability, Gehrich creates limited production runs. Inspired by nature, Sam uses high-quality natural fibres like wool, cashmere and silk. The designer’s creativity is reflected in detail like oversized collars, layered cuffs and the swing of a trapeze cut. Gehrich pieces transcend seasons and fit seamlessly into any modern wardrobe. Sam designs for confident women of all ages who want to know where, how and who made their clothes. All garments are designed and manufactured in Melbourne. Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Design (2008) from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, NSW. This is Gehrich’s inaugural appearance at FASHFEST.


Gehrich will be showcasing on opening night show 1, at 7:00pm.