Karen Lee

Karen Lee
Karen Lee

Karen Lee grew up making her own clothes and this influenced her decision to make a career change in 2006. She completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in 2008. Since then Karen has been designing and making clothing for the female form.

Designs created under the Karen Lee label are for the consumer who wants to be comfortable and confident in expressing their individual style and making a garments theirs. Karen focuses on designing and creating quality, well-made clothing which enhances changing body shapes. Her designs transcend age; do not follow current trends and so have longevity.

Karen’s label is about creating clothing with simple, sophisticated lines and classic shapes. Unusual twists develop a contemporary sophistication which draws the admirer to take a closer look. Often the Karen Lee collections include exciting combinations of new and old fabrics. The label also produces one-off pieces which use leftover or scrap fabric that is stitched together to create new pieces.

Her inspiration is drawn from life experiences, observations and technical knowledge. These influences inject the unexpected into many of her designs which work from a classic, muted palette.

This is the second year Karen Lee will launch a collection at Fashfest. Soon after the inaugural event finished Karen joined with another local label to open her first retail space—Assemblage Project in Braddon, ACT.

Clothing created under the Karen Lee label is designed, made and sold in Canberra.



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