Luke Chiswell

Luke Chiswell
Luke Chiswell

Visual artist Luke Chiswell—label same name—is, in some quarters, best known for his iconic image ‘Straight Face’, which he drew when he was 17.

This is Luke’s debut appearance at FASHFEST, indeed at any major fashion event. He will launch ‘New Day’, a collection of garments created with raw materials and clean, flowing fabrics, layering silk, canvas, linen and lace. Made with an uncompromising eye for detail and quality, Chiswell’s debut collection explores cut, surface, decoration, texture, and silhouette. The collection is contemporary and dignified, yet wholly primal.

The inspiration for the collection is hard to pinpoint, but all of Luke’s design is influenced by his experiences of living sporadically in some of the world’s mega-cities, like New York and Los Angeles, and, more permanently, in his caravan in the bush outside the rural town of Collector. The influence of the isolation of the Australian bush, which Luke has called ‘home’ for more than a decade, is profound.

Luke’s talent extends to abstract work, screen printing and sculpture. Luke works out of a studio in his beloved bush, made out of two shipping containers. He exhibits and sells his work internationally and nationally.

In 2009, Luke was selected for competition in the National Portrait Gallery’s National Youth Self Portrait Prize. He has a degree in Visual Arts and a Minor in Photography.



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