M.J. Bale

M.J. Bale founder Matt Jensen, (the ‘MJ’ in M.J. Bale), wanted to create a unique Australian menswear brand revolving around quality of product and the in-store experience. Garment functionality had to be right so customers would be as stylish and comfortable here and while overseas, whether in business, formal or casual attire. Matt wanted a close supply chain between the Australian woolgrower, Italian weavers, Japanese tailors and the ultimate customer product. With authenticity, integrity, provenance and character as brand pillars, Matt launched in 2009. The first collection has evolved to become a total wardrobe collection. M.J. Bale offers everything the modern man needs to look his best in any situation. M.J. Bale’s sub-labels—Blue Label, Classics, Collection and Custom—traverse the good/better/best/sublime quality versus price spectrum.



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