Red Corner

Red Corner

Red Corner understands women. Women who want quality, functional boxing gear with a customised fit.

This is Red Corner’s first appearance at FASHFEST and the company, founded in the nation’s capital, will launch a new range of exciting, innovative and fashion-forward boxing gloves and focus pads never before seen in the marketplace.

The boxing gloves and focus pads modelled at FASHFEST, designed in Canberra, will showcase how boxing gear doesn’t need to be boring. With a selection of fabulous graphic designs and digital prints, combined with beautiful, bright colours, Red Corner is breaking the mould.

This is serious gear that fits like a glove—designed for those who want to get fit, look great and feel empowered while training. Red Corner’s gear not only looks amazing, it feels amazing and is designed for function. After extensive product research and development, the label’s quality products, with visible value, tested materials and customised gender-fit caters for all different skill levels.

Red Corner’s men’s range has a traditional look and feel that guys can relate to. A new range of men’s fashion-forward boxing gear will also be on the runway at FASHFEST 2015.

No matter what the product, Red Corner stands for fit and quality—the best one–two combo available. Why just be fit when you can be fashion fit?



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