Jade Sargent

The name SOVATA represents the designer behind the label, Jade Sargent. It’s S+OVATA, the ‘s’ coming from the first initial of Sargent and Ovata, the botanical name for a Jade plant.

This is SOVATA’s third appearance at FASHFEST, with Jade’s collections always delighting guests.

All SOVATA garments and millinery aspects are designed and manufactured in Canberra, using zero waste construction. Key pieces are created using an innovative 3D pattern-making technique, created and developed in Jade’s final year of study in fashion design.

Women who love Sovata are 25 years of age and older. SOVATA’s designs are wonderful to wear to any occasion, including the races, weddings, garden parties and formal events. The clothing is flattering on many body shapes and Jade selects fabrics that are extremely comfortable.

SOVATA’s point of difference is that it includes two, distinct sections—garments and millinery that when combined create a cohesive, modern ‘hatted’ total look.

As Heather McDowell once said of millinery: ‘Hats are the most unnatural of all items of clothing; they are the least necessary but the most powerful. Their semiotics are frequently complex but always clear. They have tools of transformation and authority.

Jade graduated from the Canberra Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in 2012.



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