The Label
Emma O'Rourke

The Label, by graduate designer Emma O’Rourke, is for modern women who want wearable, refined and innovative garments. This is The Label’s debut appearance at FASHFEST.

Emma’s garments blend what is real and what we perceive, as well as hard and soft, light and dark. This tension explores the role of design in contemporary society as an artistic and industrial-based process. Emma engages this contradictory design process by designing her own prints, inspired by natural elements such as wood, marble and even crushed paper. She also uses state-of-the art digital printing technology.

Strong silhouettes, innovative prints and a clash of drape and form make each piece a strong statement. Fabrics are manipulated, clashing cutting-edge and traditional processes. Emma mixes traditional fabrics, such as silk, with techno-materials, such as scuba knits. These combinations accentuate the textures and core elements of each design.

The Label targets women aged 27 to 36 years of age. These women are aesthetically focused, professional and successful in their chosen career. They value the look and feel of fabulous design with their garments.

Emma designs and manufactures all of The Label’s garments in Canberra, practicing minimal waste design wherever feasible.

Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in 2014.



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