Tuffys and Tuffetts

Tuffys and Tuffetts
Lisa Nouh

Tuffys & Tuffetts™ is a wholly Australian-owned company bringing real Aussie underwear back to Aussie backsides.

Fashionable, fun and 100 per cent Australian made, Tuffys & Tuffetts™ offers women and men of all shapes and sizes a number of on-trend designs from briefs to boxers, bras and leggings. This is Tuffys & Tuffetts™ first appearance at Fashfest.

The Tuffys range covers all bases, with comfort, style and swagger. With our hands-on approach, Tuffys & Tuffetts™ is forever adopting the latest trends, styles and fabrics to cover the Aussie bum. The range has stripped everything back to basics to create a flawless silhouette by setting trends with fun, fresh and cheeky designs.

With comfort at the top of the agenda, Tuffys & Tuffetts™ products are made using the highest quality Australian cotton, ensuring every garment is of the highest form, fit and function. Designs can be prepared and put to production within weeks.

Tuffys & Tuffetts is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring consumers can trust the brand. Tuffys & Tuffetts has also recently launched a ‘FOR KIDS’ line.

Tuffys & Tuffetts™ was officially launched in March 2012 with NRL superstar Beau Ryan and former Home and Away actress Esther Anderson.

All products are sold online with a strong customer base from Canberra. The brand held a special event in Canberra in 2013 and will be back for more in 2014.