Erin Spain

Ziyah represents beach chic couture—exotic luxury swim and resort wear for the sophisticated and confident woman. Inspired by a life-long love of sun-filled summer days at the beach, designer Erin Spain creates a glamorous collection of adventurous swim wear and après swim wear in a range of styles and fits. This is the designer’s debut appearance at FASHFEST.

Ziyah fashion is playful, bold and made with a range of creative materials. Colours are vibrant. Prints are strong.

Erin creates garments that play with function versus form and the controversial balance between exposure and concealment. Her first collection focused on the relationship between an individual and nature and the repercussions of environmental neglect. Her second collection highlighted how individuals design their lifestyles by buying the attributes of identity and status. All of Erin’s collections blur the line between swimwear and non-swimwear. Ziyah garments are not just products, they are connections between image and lifestyle. 

Ziyah is perfect for playful females aged 18 to 30 years. These women desire to look good, stand out, be stylish and comfortable.

Erin Spain is a young Canberra designer who graduated from Canberra Institute of Technology in 2014 with a Bachelor in Design (Fashion Design). 



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