Make-up is a fashion accessory with the power to complete, perfect and refine an outfit.

An amazing team of make-up artists bring designer collections to life on the FASHFEST catwalk, producing high-glamour looks at every turn.

Harlotte Cosmetics, an Australian-owned company manufacturing animal friendly, cruelty free products, is back on deck as a major sponsor. Harlotte has created the gorgeous ‘FASHFEST DOUBLE LASH’ exclusively for the event.

Sukin, a 100 per cent carbon neutral and cruelty free skincare brand, is also back for 2017.


Makeup at FASHFEST is led by Director Diana Cheetham, who is supported by team leaders and individual artists.

2017 Team Leaders

  • Katie Saarikko
  • Steph Church
  • Shilpy Gupta
  • Amy Capeda
  • Kellie-Sue Baker
  • Melissa Gordon-Robertson