Music and fashion go hand in hand, bonded together in popular culture, assisting each other’s expression and magnifying it.

Just like fashion itself, the sounds of FASHFEST are truly memorable. Top love local musicians and DJs bring their own sense of style to the experience. The lineup is always exciting, with Canberra greats such as Safia having graced our sound systems.

FASHFEST 2016 will see 3 nights, 6 shows, 3 music themes and 12 musical genres. Get ready for some pop, hip hop, house, and soul/roots, to name a few. This year will also see the release of original EPs by Ta-Kun-Da and Mondecreen – kind of a big deal.

The Music of FASHFEST is led by Ashley Feraude, who’ll be performing his own live Magnifik set – including the new FASHFEST theme song.



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