Augustine Brown

Augustine Brown Sakala, better known by his stage name Augustine Brown, is a recoding artist, rapper, songwriter and producer, who lives in Canberra. Augustine Brown released his first mixtape ‘Only One Chance’ in 2008 and ‘Prince’ and ‘That Kid You Hated’ in 2010. His first single, ‘Crowns’, was released in 2013 followed by an EP (Golden Child). In 2016, Augustine Brown continued the momentum, releasing another single ‘Intrepid’, currently featured on Vevo and MTV, and releasing his second EP ‘Black’. This year, Augustine Brown remains on top of his game with the single/music video ‘Fixated’, which he produced working with professionals in Tokyo. This is Augustine Brown’s debut at FASHFEST.


See Augustine Brown on Friday night show 2, at 9:00pm.