Ned Philpot

Ned Philpot taught himself guitar at the age of six and soon after began singing. He wrote his first song when he was 8 and has since worked hard busking and gigging to improve his live performance. After stumbling across Malcolm Gladwell’s book, 10,000 hours, Ned worked tirelessly to refine his sound, achieving 100 live gigs in 2015 and 200 in 2016. Growing up on blues and rock, Ned has combined many influences, genres and styles to form his own sound. Now producing his own music, Ned’s sound is fresh and honest. He plays at many Canberra venues and has unreleased songs ready to share. This is Ned’s first appearance at FASHFEST.


See Ned Philpot in the Foyer from 5:30 till 7pm on Friday night and live on closing night show 1, at 7:00pm.



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