Nico Lupo

Nico Lupo stashed his school lunch money to buy vinyl from London’s iconic record shops, so his collection covers more than a few genres. He’s played across five continents, smashing up the Rift Valley Festival in Kenya and held residencies for global clubs, including Ministry of Sound and Fabric. Nico has put on more than 150 global parties, from London to Barcelona and Ibiza to India. He’s also laid down tracks for fashion (Levi’s; Nike), media (Saatchi), technology (Sony) and sporting brands (NFL at Wembley). From large festivals to intimate events, Nico has worked with musical martians, including DJ EZ, Disclosure and Pendulum. Expect to hear what you’re not expecting.

See Nico Lupo on opening night show 1, at 7:00pm, and Friday night show 2, at 9:00pm.



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