Raio de Sol

Raio de Sol is Canberra’s community samba drumming band, bringing the sounds of massed live percussion and samba rhythms to the capital. Raio de Sol means ‘sunbeam’ in Portuguese. Founder Niraj (Nij) Lal learned samba with Arco Iris Cambridge Community Samba Band while studying in the United Kingdom. He fell in love with the rhythms and brought them back to Canberra. The idea for Raio de Sol was born in 2013. The first rehearsal saw eight drummers playing on a bateria—a re-purposed drum kit from the tip, two djembes and pots and pans. It was the start of something magical. Raio de Sol performs for the first time as a band at FASHFEST.


See Raio de Sol on closing night show 2, at 9:00pm.



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