Video Artists

This year, FASHFEST introduces a new, powerful form of artistic expression.


Two VJs have been brought on board to push the boundaries of style, creativity, technology and expertise. They will bring guests a thrilling visual experience. In 2017, FASHFEST introduces the work of two innovative VJs—INSAN3 and Atley.

Cinematographers, Video Directors and Editors

Emerging CIT cinematographers will film red carpet arrivals, backstage preparations, and the six shows from several cameras around the auditorium.

The images from the auditorium cameras will be “live switched” by emerging CIT video directors onto the big screens, adding to the immersive experience for the audience. Emerging CIT video editors will use the footage of red carpet arrivals, backstage preparations and the shows themselves to create short videos showcasing the highlights of the six shows, to be posted online overnight.

This mentoring program is run by Creative Producer of Film Georgina Jenkins, Creative Director of Film Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS, and Production Manager of Film Shane Grieves, together with Damien Maher and the team behind Newcast Studios.



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